Bigroom house

From: Guatemala

Welcome back to the Top 100 Carnage… Or should we say GORDO? Last spotted in this poll in 2017, the Guatemalan EDM superstar is back with a bang. Trimmer, sleeker and deeper, this year has seen him unveil a brand new alias — GORDO. Two tunes deep, both ‘KTM’ and ‘TARAKA’ have been big milli-streaming smashes and shown a different side to his musical palette.

For the full Carnage/GORDO palette, however, it’s all about the DJ sets. Popping off like a rocket since shows opened again Stateside in the summer, his performances have ranged from his first-ever sunrise set at XS Las Vegas (where he’s a resident) to his TARAKA phenomenon, where he announces flash raves in random cities across North and Central America and plays to his fans for free — for upwards of six hours!

Don’t act too surprised. GORDO’s got a heart of gold and has previously invested in building schools in Guatemala and Nicaragua, cannon-fired $10,000 into the crowd and, most recently, invited his nan to be his roommate so he could look after her. Call him Carnage, call him GORDO, call him a gentleman.