UP 4

Best known for:
“‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’.”
Tune of the year:
“Lost Frequencies ‘Rise’.”
From: The Netherlands
Rising star DJ/Producer: “Melo.Kids.”
It has been 15 years since Utrecht-based DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand burst into the club scene’s premier league with ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. Debuting in the Top 100 DJs poll in 2007, he has ranked consistently since that inaugural appearance and it’s not hard for anyone who has seen him in the booth to understand why.
Known for his solid, floor-ready house selections, the Dutch stomper has been involved in a string of excellent collaborations in recent months, not least the two tracks with his choice for most promising studio head of the past year, Melo.Kids: ‘Losing Control’ and ‘In Love With You’. Meanwhile, his label, Darklight Recordings, offers more compelling evidence of just how exceptional his ear is, whether finding or fine-tuning anthems-in-the-making. An all-rounder with plenty left to say, Fedde has also spent the past year “brushing up on my Spanish” and finishing building his house.
How was your first gig after lockdown?  
“Unreal and absolutely amazing, it was such a liberating experience.”
How have the last 18 months changed how you view your work/life balance?
“For me personally it changed a lot — it showed that family and friends are everything. I also branched out into other things and opened a restaurant, Vegan Heroes, something I’m very proud of.”
What further steps should the industry take to combat climate change?
“Offset your carbon footprint from flying. There are several initiatives to do this. And eat a little less meat or none at all.”
What’s the best bit of tech you’ve added to your studio or DJ setup this year?
“I have traded in my entire studio for a new invention, called The Sphere. It’s a desk with built-in speakers, and all the materials and angles are tuned in to each other. This provides the perfect acoustics at all times. Absolutely amazing!”
What’s the best album you’ve heard this year?
“People still release albums?”