Eisen, an Electronica Music Producer and a DJ from Korea, Releases a New Refreshing Hit Single ‘Shade’

Eisen, an Electronica Music Producer and a DJ from Korea, Releases a New Refreshing Hit Single ‘Shade’

Out now on CONECTD MIX, a label with the goal of bringing Asia’s fine DJ/Producers to the West

Eisen, actively collaborating with Korean and foreign artists, has released an enticing new single ‘Shade’. He presents emotional music and continues to collaborate with Korean artists such as ABOUT, 9duck and Glen Check. His EP ‘CLUB MILD’ released in 2020, was featured on a popular YouTube channel ‘Mellowbeat Seeker,’ and made his name known in the scene.


Eisen’s new song ‘Shade’, released through on CONECTD MIX, is about getting out of the dark period that everyone experiences once in their lifetime and moving forward with hope. ”The mixture of electronica and hip hop is always attractive to me, so that’s how I started making Shade. I used a variety of effects such as delay, filter, and low-fi to match the lyrics, and I’m especially happy about the effect applied in the rap towards the end of the song which gave the song the feeling of moving forward.” Eisen said.


In addition, rapper Klophe, who has gained popularity through various stage performances, featured in ‘Shade’. Klophe said, “I was inspired by the two sides of the shade. One could avoid the sun under the shade, but it also represents darkness of somebody. I want you to listen to the song with the fact in mind that shade only exists when there are lights.”




‘Shade’ is the fifth single released by CONECTD MIX which is under the bigger branch label, CONECTD. Sharing the same goal as CONECTD, CONECTD MIX acts as a Modern Silk Road by creating opportunities for Asia’s hidden artists to promote their music in different countries around the world. ‘Shade’, released on May 6th 2021, is available on all global streaming platforms.

May 6th, 2021

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