Earring releases debut album ‘Mind The Gap’

Earring releases debut album ‘Mind The Gap’

The Feast of Industrial Techno that overpowered rap vocals.


Earring releases debut album ‘Mind The Gap’. With the keyword ‘Heterosis’, the artist built his unbiased interest and career in the minor genre. He seeks to call attention to the spectrum of consumers.

His album, which differentiates itself by accentuating pop aspects of the minor genre found in the flow of the market, approaches the consumers by its perfection before delivering them the message in an essayistic tone. The overall sound of the album could be somewhat provocative to the consumers of Hiphop Music and electronic music. The artist puts emphasis on deconstructing and experimenting. Through that, he aims to merge very distinctive genres together;
techno music and hiphop. This is to deal with both domestic underground culture, which he has experienced firsthand with great affection and electronica, which has grown explosively in recent years since Burning Man.

Earring summarizes his perspective of society in the music video of ‘Conveyor’, the title track of his new album. Through the album’s composition and lyrics, he metaphorically expresses the accelerating movement of the consumer’s eyes and
genre convergence. It targets the consumers and producers of subculture, which provides the key impetus to the mainstream culture.

You can check out the video of ‘Conveyor’ below.

November 24th, 2020

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