Advanced released new single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

Advanced released new single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

The global version is out via Spinnin’ Records.


Korean electronic DJ and producer duo ADVANCED released new single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’.

‘Don’t Let Me Go’ sees the duo adopting a melodic, catchy sound with sincere vocals featured by Korean singer RYS and HAEE, who also appeared in the duo’s last single, ‘Minimanimo’.

The song has been released in two forms, domestic and global, captivating listeners around the world with a moody blend of the unique atmosphere of each language. Out via Spinnin’ Records, the global version of the track already looks set to be a contender for one of the biggest summer tracks of the year.

Earlier this year, Advanced released ‘My Bad’ with KSHMR, Shaun and Julie Bergan, confirming the possibility of Korean EDM music in the global market.

view the video of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ below.

July 15th, 2020

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