Ultra Korea 2019 Countdown Tour by Hyundai Card

Ultra Korea 2019 Countdown Tour by Hyundai Card

An excellent event to warm-up for the forthcoming festivities

Words: Kevin Kang

In celebration of this year’s Ultra Korea Music Festival returning in June, Ultra Korea teamed up with Hyundai Card for the organization of ‘Ultra Korea Countdown Tour by Hyundai Card’—a pre-party to the massive 3day festivities scheduled for June 3rd-9th. The event took place at Hyundai Card Understage and Storage—a concert venue and exhibition space run by Hyundai Card—which was packed even on a Thursday night.

DJ duo Matisse & Sadko, EELKE KLIJN headlined the event supported by local DJs Cream, Justin Oh, and Vagagee Viphex 13. Hyundai Card offered a special discount on the entrance fee, making it a real bargain even for a promotional event on a weekday night.

Seoul-based DJ Vagagee Viphex 13 kicked off the party with his opening set at the industrial themed stage at Storage. The DJ booth covered in black and yellow safety lines blended nicely with the pipe structures in the background, while Vagagee Viphex 13 heated up the dance floor with a powerful set that lives up to his looks. Following up, DJ and producer EELKE KLEIJN rocked the stage with his chill dance tunes. The dance floor seemed to brighten up as the Netherland-bred artist radiated positive energy throughout his set. The ongoing exhibition at Storage titled ‘Good Night: Energy Flash’ provided yet another eye-candy for the attendees.

Meanwhile, the Understage acts opened up with a stellar performance from DJ Cream, her set covered a wide spectrum of music capturing the minds of her fans as well as those who are new to the genre. Continuing the momentum, bass music guru Justin Oh got the crowd going wild as he pumped endless bangers into the venue. And finally, came the icing on the cake, when the progressive house duo Matisse & Sadko came up on stage for the grand finale. Mixing tracks laden with explosive energy, the duo sent the crowd into frenzy with every drop and ended the night on a high note.

The organizers also gave out two 1-day tickets to Ultra Korea in a draw for the attendees who posted the event on Instagram. The pre-party was surely an event that showed the anticipation and passionate support of the fans prior to Ultra Korea Music Festival.

May 24th, 2019

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