[Interview] Klingande

[Interview] Klingande

“I’m open to anything, always ears fully open to listen to talents with any instruments”

Words: Ariel Jo, Kevin Kang

Everyone has that song that takes them on a trip down memory lane. Klingande’s Jubel is definitely the kind of song that deserves a place somewhere down the list of nostalgic songs. The combination of addictive melodies, alluring vocals, and the amazing sax riffs easily makes anyone have this song on repeat. DJ Mag Asia recently sat down with the DJ who produced this nostalgic gem. Klingande, who is known for creating rich soundscapes with various instruments, was exactly like the music he makes—a sweet man with a big heart, brightening up the room as he talked about his life and shared his thoughts about music.


Q. How was the fifth edition of your party ‘Klingande’s Playground’ in Miami?

It was great as usual. It was a bit tough this year in Miami with so many different parties around. And we had to change our venue last minute from Delano to Sagamore, which is a real different vibe so I was a bit stressed. But in the end, with the great line up we had including Autograf, CID, Patlok, Goldfish and Dom Dolla, the vibe was amazing, so much energy and we had an amazing time!


Q. Where does the name Klingande come from?

It’s a Swedish word meaning “sounding”. When I had to choose an alias I looked in many directions. At some point I thought to look into my previous inspirations who were Swedish artists like Axwell, Avicii, Alesso and more. This simply brought me to pick up a Swedish word.


Q. How did you first start music?

My first “connection” with music was when I was a child, my parents took me some piano lessons. Years later I discovered DJing, when I was 15/16, and that’s when I started wanting to produce my own music. At the age of 20/21 I moved in London to attend Point Blank music school, and when I came out I produced “Punga” and then “Jubel”, my first songs.


Q. Tell us the inspiration behind your new single ‘Ready For Love’ with Joe Killington and Greg Zlap.

Actually I can’t grant myself the inspiration on the lyrics as the song was written by Joe Killington and James Smith. When I received this song from Joe I really loved it. It was exactly the kind of song I was looking for, and the kind of song I love. While I was working on the production I had the idea to bring back Greg Zlap, the harmonica player who did RIVA with me in 2015. And it was a perfect match, we used the very first take, it immediately worked and the song sounded great!


Q. You have always surprised us with your use of multiple acoustic instruments in your music. Are there any instruments that you have been experimenting/ working with lately?

For all the album I reconnect with guitar and bass, nothing really “original” but It really made the connection with my pop/folk influences. You will have some saxophone, harmonica, violin, all instruments I already worked with. The most important for me is to work with people who are talented at their instruments, and it’s sometimes difficult to make it match with electronic music and a “house” vibe. So I’m open to anything, always ears fully open to listen to talents with any instruments!


Q. It’s great to see how you’re trying bring something new to the table by incorporating a lot of live instrument performances in your DJ sets. Can you tell us about the pros and cons of performing with musicians on the stage?

The pros for me will be the energy of the show, the entertainment of the musicians coming on stage with me, the added value on the sound you propose to the audience, and also on a personal level touring with them is much more fun than as a DJ alone. The downsides of it sometimes are technical issues, as I’m playing in venues which are more for DJ’s than proper “live” and we are proposing a hybrid of this, sometimes it’s really difficult but I have a great team who always manage to make it work!


Q. Out of all the cities that you’ve performed at, which one is your favorite and why?

This question is always difficult for me! I really enjoy LA, because of the artistic vibe over there and all musicians and artists I meet every time I go there. But If I want to chill I’m a big fan of Bali. It’s a pleasure to take a few days off everytime I go there to play!


Q. Do you ever get stressed-out during tour? If so, how do you manage stress?

Yes of course! I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to always propose a great show to the audience. I have a lot of stress on the choice of what I’ll play, how the musicians will play on it and how it will sound. The peak time of that stress is in the last 15 minutes before going on stage.

To manage this stress I try to do sports every time I can in the hotels I stay in, I always have one or two drink before going on stage as well, that’s not super healthy but it helps to go beyond the stress and unlock all energy.


Q. Tell us about your future plan.

So “Ready For Love”, the second single of my upcoming album, is coming out on Friday! There will be other single releases in June and September probably and I’ve good hope to release the album in September. That’s a lot of work and investment from myself, I’m dedicated to it and I hope people will love it for what it is, I’m making it with all my heart and soul!


Q. Give us a word to your fans of DJ Mag Asia.

I really hope to come back soon in Asia!! I love you guys, and I can’t wait to be back!


April 26th, 2019

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